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Connecting Students and Instructors

About Six Sigma Digest

Six Sigma Digest at its core is a training and curriculum provider. But we hope you find our personality to be much more. We are a dynamic online training and certification platform connecting students and instructors.

Our platform is available for those who seek to learn & get certified as well as instructors seeking to earn supplemental income.

Our training assets are also available to company's and individuals who need top quality training materials.

Whether it's students, instructors or Fortune 500 companies, we provide the platform, materials & standards then we connect the learning community and the teaching community.

One of the Best Online Six Sigma Training & Certification Available!

As one of the marquee brands of the Lean Sigma Coprporation, Six Sigma Digest has developed and implemented a unique concept in online training & certification. We facilitate a top quality education process delivered by experts with impressive backgrounds and qualifications. This is all possible because we've designed our program to deliver benefits for both students and instructors. But that's just the beginning. There are several more reasons why Six Sigma Digest is the best online training & certification available...

Learning Environment

We have created a structured online learning environment supported by the latest technologies. We refer to this as our LMS (Learning Management System). It's actually a very popular and widely used LMS and it has a huge support infrastructure. We have made some customizations to this platform so that it is particularly useful to us, our students and our instructors.

Training Materials

We have developed premier training & certification materials for Yellow Belt, Green Belt and various forms of Black Belt courses. This is the content that students need to learn and instructors use to teach. It has been written and designed by certified Master Black Belts with over a decade of professional and practical experience. Our training materials are a few different ways; Online Training, Courseware Licenses and Mini Courses.

Online Presence

We have established an online presence with an eye towards functionality, usability and design. Our website has been meticulously developed and structured to ensure a professional look and feel with easy navigation so our users can find what they are looking for. Our site has 3 primary functions:

  • Learning Management: Our LMS is where the magic happens between students and instructors
  • Shopping: Where anyone can shop for courseware or pay for online training
  • Community: Where the open community can browse freely and discover Six Sigma

These 3 components are fully integrated and are the backbone to our business model. The ability to bring our Six Sigma material into a structured learning environment and offer it to both students and instructors is where the sparks fly!

Organic Traffic

In addition to functional design, our website has been built with all of the necessary search engine optimization features so that we continue to see organic traffic growth. Strong performance in search engine results will ensure that our instructors get ample consideration for the courses they offer.

Our Investment is Your Opportunity

Our initial investment in this learning platform, the Six Sigma materials, this website and the integration of all three to form an exceptional learning environment has been substantial. This investment has been made with the desire to offer a platform for MBB instructors to teach. In doing so, we also provide the perfect place where students can learn and grow. This is "How and "Why" Six Sigma Digest works!

You're invited to Make it work for YOU!..

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