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Jun. 21, 2011

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PEOPLECERT GROUP the experts in certifying professionals, today announced the accreditation of Six Sigma Digest as an "Accredited Training Organization" (ATO).

The "Accredited Training Organization" review by Peoplecert rigorously assessed Six Sigma Digest's training systems, trainers, curriculum, policies and control mechanisms to conclude that Six Sigma Digest met all conditions of an accredited training organization.

PEOPLECERT Group, an ISO 17024 accredited certifying agency reviews organizations, exam centers and curricula to ensure industry and professional standards are present and maintained. Among the standards globally facilitated by Peoplecert is the International Association for Six Sigma Certifications (IASSC).

The IASSC, is the only independent third-party association in the Lean Six Sigma industry providing professional credentialing. They have researched and collaborated with over 1,000 companies to develop an industry standard Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge (BOK).

The IASSC (also in partnership with Peoplecert) acts as an independent certification exam administrator and provides designations of International Certified Black Belt (ICBB), International Certified Green Belt (ICGB) and International Certified Yellow Belt (ICYB) for students who successfully pass those exams.

Students who have trained with Six Sigma Digest will be prepared to sit for and pass an IASSC certification exam. Exams can be taken at any Peoplecert or Pearson Vue accredited exam center (8,800 accredited exam centers world wide).

"We are extremely pleased to be accredited by Peoplecert and believe very strongly that our industry must continue to strive for professionally recognized standards such as those established by IASSC and globally facilitated by Peoplecert. We look forward to this partnership and participating in the advancement of Lean Six Sigma".

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