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New Courseware Client Global Solutions India

Mar. 03, 2012

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Newest Courseware Client: Global Solutions India

Global Solutions IndiaOn February 27th, Global Solutions India became Six Sigma Digest's latest courseware client. This partnership and license agreement marks a significant achievement for Six Sigma Digest by extending it's reach and influence overseas and into India. Global Solutions India is a rising Lean Six Sigma training and certification provider with offices in Navi Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh.

"We have quickly established a trusted working relationship with Global Solutions India while they begin to make great use of our courseware. By licensing our White Label product, GSI can fully customize and brand our training material enabling them to quickly organize and deliver exceptional training content to their students. Our licensing arrangement has provided GSI with the ability to schedule a full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course less than 30 days from the time of purchase. That's a true turnkey product and we are proud to be able to help GSI establish an immediate presence in their markets they serve and we look forward to a long standing and successful partnership with them."

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