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Six Sigma Business Case

Oct. 23, 2011

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0.0 Getting Started

Before we get started with Project Digest there are a few things we need to cover so that visitors like you can understand how to navigate the posts & archives and have context into the "business case" and problem we're trying to solve.  We'll start with navigation.

Navigating Project Digest:

You'll notice that this post is titled 0.0 Getting Started.  The reason for the numeric prefix is so that you can sequentially follow our progress and visitors who start following at a later date in the project can back track logically and get the full step by step approach.  Another reason for the numeric prefix is to tie the project work to our curriculum.  Our objective is to relate every "project Digest post" to the Black Belt Body of Knowledge (BOK).  By doing so, you will see posts with prefixes of 1.1 or 1.3 or 4.2 etc.  The leading number indicates the project phase (1. Define, 2. Measure, 3. Analyze, 4. Improve, 5. Control).  The second number will indicate the subcategory that the post is related within that phase (e.g. our next post will be 1.3 Project Charter which connects the charter to our curriculum outline 1.3.2 Business Case & Charter.) See our Black Belt BOK for a complete outline of the Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum.

Project Digest Business Case:


Six Sigma Digest is a recent online start-up that has only been open for business since 8/21/2011.  In the year leading up to our opening we made significant  investments of time and finances in order to establish our business plan, curriculum, website, learning management system etc.  Our marketing budget is low and we need to fully leverage as many effective online and virtual sales channels as possible.  The trick is figuring out which channels and avenues provide the best ROI and most impact to our business growth.  This is primarily what project digest is all about...then we decided, if we're going to do it, why not share it - so here we are!

Primary Metric:

The primary metric for this project is going to be "Visitors".  Visitors will be defined as the number of unique visitors to our website on a weekly basis.  We will also share this traffic throughout the project at various intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc.) depending on the needs required for testing and analysis.

Disclaimer: For those of you out there that will insist our primary metric is wrong, we understand!  In truth sales should be our priamry metric but we're a little uncomfortable sharing that information freely.  Sooooo we're using "Visitors" as the next best and most logical metric.


The following image is a run chart of weekly traffic over a 43 week period ending 10/22/2011.  You'll notice that its trending, we'll show you how to deal with trending and de-seasonalizing data later.  For now, this is our "starting" point".

primary metric baseline

Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to get our website traffic up to 3,500 visitors per week by the end of the year 2012.

Now that you have some basic background information we can begin writing our project charter which will capture everything shared here in a very logical, organized and directed manner.  The project charter will be the document that helps us prepare for our project and communicate its purpose and direction.

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