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About The Six Sigma Digest Blog

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About This Blog

This Blog Is Our "Outlet"

This is the Six Sigma Digest blog where we will share our thoughts, opinions, research and just about anything else that you might find interesting in the field of Six Sigma.  Instructors with Six Sigma Digest may be found sharing  their own opinions and reseach from time to time and we welcome your feedback and comments.

Because there is no better platform to share our application of Six Sigma than a living & breathing blog, we thought we would feature a little project.  Heck, we're "doing it anyway" (the project that is) so we thought why not share it with you.

We're Taking Our Own Medicine!

Our blog also features our application of the Six Sigma methodology to our own business!  What a novel idea right?  We think so, here's why...

We are a 100% online company that has developed our own Lean Six Sigma curriculum and online learning management system.  It's taken a year to build and we love our products.  But now it's time to figure out how to get the masses to start seeing and using our products and learning & growing from them. We need to grow our business and most importantly need to grow our revenue.  Unfortunately, we are a tiny start up and our budget has been blown just to get to where we are today.

Enter Six Sigma

If this Six Sigma stuff really works and we're as good as we think we are in our own field then we should be able to slam dunk this thing right?  Heck, shouldn't we practice what we preach?  Well, we're going to! and we're inviting you to join us in the journey.

We have decided to start from the beginning and turn our business growth into a project.  We are going to share it all every step of the way.  We'll share our business case, project charter, process maps, data, hypothesis tests etc. we plan to literally walk our business through a live Six Sigma project and demonstrate our successes and failures and hopefully at the end we can show you a primary metric that screams of improvement.  Ultimately, we intend for our business and your learning to be the key beneficiaries!

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