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Six Sigma Digest FAQ's

Online Training FAQ's

Are your courses Lean Six Sigma or just Six Sigma?

How much time do I have to complete my training?

I ran into a rough patch (family, medical etc.) and got side-tracked can I get an extension ?

My access already expired can I get back in with an extension?

Can I withdraw from my course?

How long will it take to get certified?

Are there any prerequisites for Black Belt or Green Belt training?

What's the difference between the Green Belt curriculum and the Black Belt curriculum?

Can I choose my Master Black Belt Instructor?

Can I change my Instructor after I have enrolled?

Will this certification be recognized by my industry?

What do I get upon certification?

What are your certification requirements?

Is there a project requirement?

Can I get printed training manuals?

Is the statistical software program (SigmaXL or Minitab) required?

Do you offer payment plans?

Courseware FAQ's

How do you deliver the courseware is it on cd or download?

Are answers included with the test questions in your exam product?

Will your courseware and practice exam help me prepare for the ASQ certification exam?

Will your courseware and practice exam help me prepare for the IASSC certification exam?

I do much better with a physical copy, can I get the courseware in printed manuals?

What does the Enterprise and White Label courseware include?

What are the limitations of the Enterprise courseware?

What are the limitations of the White Label courseware?

Instructor FAQ's

Can I restrict or control the number of students who can enroll in my course(s)?

Can I promote my course?

Can I register and enroll a group of students?

Can I use Six Sigma Digest in conjunction with a classroom training course I'm teaching?

Can I use your material to teach my own courses separate from Six Sigma Digest?

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