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Explore the world of Six Sigma and discover all the secrets! It's the only Free Six Sigma Training content on the web.

Six Sigma Digest serves it up! We're the only online certification program with the moxy to show you some of our pearls.

We are on a journey to provide over one hundred web pages of premium training information, and there is nothing required from you. Just browse our curriculum topics and dig in.

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About Our Free Six Sigma Training Curriculum

The curriculum made available throughout our website is modeled after our Six Sigma Green Belt training. The body of knowledge closely matches the standards set by organizations such The American Society for Quality (ASQ) and The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

Important Quick Facts Before You Begin

  • The Free Six Sigma Training curriculum is modled after Green Belt Training
  • Free content does not include data analysis examples from programs such as Minitab or SigmaXL
  • Free training content does not include data files, activities, lessons, quizzes or exams
  • The Free curriculum is made available ONLY to you via this website
  • Our curriculum is protected by copyright (see our terms & conditions for details)
  • You may not print, copy, re-display, distribute or transfer our Free training material
  • You may obtain permission or license form Six Sigma Digest to use this material by contacting us through our contact form

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