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Online Six Sigma Training

Expertise & Accreditation

Online Six Sigma training from Six Sigma Digest has been developed by professional Master Black Belts with technical expertise and practical field experience. In 2011, our curriculum was accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certifications (IASSC) and our training program was accredited by Peoplecert as an accredited training organization.

Features of Our Online Six Sigma Training

Personal Master Black Belt Instruction

Personal Master Black Belt instruction available with Black Belt and Green Belt courses ..learn more

Online Chat with Your Six Sigma Peers

Live real time "chat" with peers or instructors while logged into our learning management system

Forum Posts with Your Six Sigma Peers

Search, Ask or Answer questions in our online forums while logged into Six Sigma Digest's LMS

Get deeply discounted annual licenses of Minitab 16 and Quality Companion 3 with your training

100% online! Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Earn your certification at your convenience

Get SigmaXL, an affordable alternative to expensive statistical analysis software

In 2011, Six Sigma Digest is a Peoplecert accredited training organization and our training curriculum was IASSC accredited

Value! You won't find our level of MBB instruction with an accredited curriculum at a better price!

Great Options for Black Belt Analytic Software

3 Awesome Options for Black Belt training each referencing different outputs (SigmaXL, Minitab, JMP)

Our Training Platform

Our training program is delivered through an online learning management system that is widely used across the globe. We selected this platform because it's supported by an expansive network of users and developers. It's flexible, adaptive and it's perfect for your certification training. Our goals are to provide simplicity and ease of use while bringing to you all the bells and whistles you expect from a top notch training program.

With this learning management system, your training will be conducted online and at your pace. You will be granted access to purchased courses for up to 1 full year. The delivery of our curriculum, materials, quizzes & activities are in multi-media formats. You will navigate through both static and flash driven content and take interactive quizzes. Some activities will be required to be completed outside of our online system (analysis & application of tool usage). Doing so will ensure you are able to pass the quizzes & exams.

The system is secured through 256 bit SSL encryption and boasts user features such as "Facebook like" chat, community forums, Big Blue Button and more. After purchasing your course from our store, go to training login and create your account. When you're logged in, use the course key we provide during your purchase transaction. This will unlock your course and you'll be up & running.

Overview of Our Courses

We offer Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt courses and courseware. All of our Six Sigma curricula are "Lean Six Sigma" meaning they include industry standard lean modules as well as core Six Sigma content. Our site and our products may or may not reference "Lean Six Sigma" because we've chosen Six Sigma as our principal key word for website optimization.

Black Belt Training

Our Six Sigma Black Belt Training has been designed with examples & lessons featuring 3 variations of statistical analysis software. You can choose the version most suitable for you and then you can add features like MBB instruction and/or software.

Who should get Black Belt certified? Our Black Belt training is most suitable for professionals who wish to seriously add potentcy to their careers. Black Belt candidates should be comfortable facilitating projects and meetings. Black Belts are often on center stage and have respected opinions in the boardroom. If you're interested in becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt, put your analytical cap on and join us for a journey that will change your career.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Similar to our Black Belt training, we offer three variations of Green Belt Training. Features like MBB instruction, Minitab and SigmaXL are also available. Green Belt training is only slightly less intense than Black Belt training. It lacks the design of experiment lessons & modules. This course is presented in a somewhat more friendly and less analytically oriented manner than Black Belt training.

Yellow Belt Training

Our Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training follows the bodies of knowledge for Yellow Belt curriculum as outlined by ASQ and the Six Sigma Council. It covers Define, Measure and Control and does not require the hard core use of statistical software packages. We offer three flavors of this training also (surprise surprise! Minitab, SigmaXL and JMP). Yellow Belt training is intended for people who paticipate on Six Sigma project teams as subject matter experts. Yellow Belt candidates are the folks who really need to understand where the Black Belt or Green Belt is headed so that can better assist by emparting their knowledge of the process or subject at hand.

A Little About the Software we Offer with our Online Six Sigma Training

SigmaXL Logo

SigmaXL is a leader in the lower cost category of Six Sigma specific software applications. They provide a simple but mighty Excel "Add-In" designed for statistical and graphical analysis tailored just for Six Sigma. Their add-in is an affordable ($249 retail value) alternative for individuals and small company's. SigmaXL provides everything you will need to become an effective and successful Six Sigma professional. By including SigmaXL with any of our courses you will be getting a 30% discount from the retail price of SigmaXL.

Minitab 16 is the latest version of many years of refinement from Minitab. This application has exceptional help and tutorials that by themselves serve Six Sigma practitioners in immeasurable ways. Minitab is designed for heavy and effective use by Black Belts, quality engineers and statisticians everywhere.

Quality Companion 3 is Minitab's solution for the gaping hole of poor or unreliable experiential tool applications in the quality industry. They have even integrated project & program management functionality. It could be argued that the old standby of Microsoft Excel is serves this segment well enough but Minitab has other intentions.

Students who choose to include Minitab with their course selection from Six Sigma Digest will receive both Minitab 16 and Quality Companion 3. The license is for 1 full year and can be renewed annually via Six Sigma Digest for $600.

Annual license you say! Don't worry, we have you covered. On an annual renewal at our rate you will have had to renew 4 times before you paid more than the perpetual licenses of both applications ($2,290 retail value). Using us annually, you will always have the most up to date versions on your newest personal computer without having to buy the expensive upgrades from Minitab. Do your research, we're sure you'll agree that the value we offer is impressive.

Online Six Sigma Training Certification Requirements

Our Online Six Sigma Training is designed for learning. We intend for you to achieve your certification from Six Sigma Digest and pass your IASSC certification exam if you choose to pursue it.

We have developed the following training & certification requirements that must be successfully completed in order to call yourself a certified Six Sigma belt.

Online Training Yellow Belt Green Belt Black Belt





Interactive Quizzes




Online Tests




Certification Exam

Continuing Education Units




Online Access (months)




System Availability




Upon Certification You Will Receive...

Upon completion (within 30 days) of our online training program you will receive the following:

  • Lean Six Sigma Certificate
    • Physical certificate will be mailed to your address
    • Electronic pdf certificate will be sent to your email address
  • Continuing Education Units From Six Sigma Digest
  • Certification Listing In Six Sigma Digest's Certification Directory

Training & Technical Support

Our training program provides support in several ways. You can always rely on admin & customer support from Six Sigma Digest as well as Master Black Belt expertise from seasoned instructors. In addition, our learning management system is enabled with a chat feature so that you can communicate in real time with students or instructors who are simultaneously logged in. If that's not enough, the system also includes a forum where you and others can post questions, answers, observations etc. The forum is searchable too! All of these support features are included with your course enrollment.

Technology Requirements

  • Access to a Personal Computer
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or Higher
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity
  • Web Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE8 or Greater)
  • Adobe Reader (free software)
  • Macromedia Flash Player (free software)

Tables, Tools & Templates

Six Sigma Digest offers many free tools on our website but when you enroll in one of our courses we'll "bundle em up" and let you have the whole package! Our tools include probability tables, calculators, templates and more. We make sure you have everything you need to be a successful practitioner.

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