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SIPOC stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs & Customer and it's goal is to further define a process by adding information pertaining to the process outputs and it's customers as well as it's suppliers and their inputs.

An important element of a S.I.P.O.C is that a high level process map has been established. You should have just completed the "Business Process Maps" module but if not or you want to review highl level maps go back one module.

If your already prepared with a high level map then we can begin creating a S.I.P.O.C in 5 easy steps

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Step 1: Vertically List High Level Process

If you followed the general rules for a high level process map then you should have no more than 4-6 steps for your process.

List those steps in a vertical manner as depicted below.


Step 2: List Process Outputs


Step 3: List Output Customers


Step 4: List Process Inputs


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Step 5: List Suppliers of Inputs


Benefits of using a S.I.P.O.C

  • Visually communicate project scope
  • Identify key inputs & outputs of a process
  • Identify key suppliers & customers of a process
  • Verify...
    • Inputs match Outputs for upstream processes
    • Outputs match Inputs of downstream processes

This type of mapping is extremely valueable and can be one of the keys to identifying opportunities for improvement for your process.

If you have completed your high level process map, follow the steps above to create your own process map of Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs & Customer.

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