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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

$995 Online Training & Certification!

Online Six Sigma Black Belt training for aspiring professionals looking to advance their career in a BIG way!.

We give you courses generated from any one of 3 versions of statistical software programs (Minitab, SigmaXL & JMP). In each version we offer statistical displays of examples directly out of that stat package. Each example features click by click instructions on how to re-create our results as shown in the training.

With our Black Belt Training not only can you choose the version of the course but you can buy the software to come with it (Minitab 16 w/Quality Companion 3 or SigmaXL 6.0). Also available are certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt instructors who will take you from start to certified!.

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Why Get Black Belt Certified?

Below is a short list of some key benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification from Six Sigma Digest. These are in addition to the tons of great features and options of our learning management system as well as the unbelievable value of personal instruction by certified Master Black Belts.

  • Earnings Potential
  • Did you know that according to studies from iSixSigma's Global salary survey and publications of iSixSigma magazine, Certified Six Sigma Black Belts can earn up to $38,000 more than their "non-certified" counterparts. Black Belt salary's can range from $89k - $122k and upon certification nearly 30% of all Black Belts receive a promotion within 12 months.

  • Enhanced Skills
  • Learn how to develop and execute a project plan. How to select a team and hone your meeting facilitation skills. Develop your presentation acuity. Become a subject matter expert.

  • Business Acumen
  • Your ability to see critical factors and understand key x's along with a new skill around metrics & measurements will prepare you for nearly any business situation. You will be able to step into nearly any environment and quickly grasp the key aspects and begin moving things in the right direction.

  • Community
  • Your Six Sigma Black Belt training & certification will indoctrinate you into community of professionals who understand the value of their certification and understand what it took for you to achieve that designation. Six Sigma professionals have elite business capabilities and they respect & guard those capabilities. Becoming certified will instantly connect you with this broad, talented network of professionals.

Black Belt Certification Requirements

Six Sigma Black Belt training from Six Sigma Digest has the following requirements for certification:

  • Review 21 Lessons (static &/or flash files)
  • Complete 21 Lesson Quizzes
  • Pass 5 Required Lesson Tests (minimum passing score 80%)
  • Pass The Final Exam (minimum passing score 70%)

These requirements are designed such that your self paced online certification is more than a temporary comprehension exercise. By providing data sets & required offline case study exercises you will be actively engaged with the content and subject. Each of the 5 phases of the DMAIC methodology will require you to pass 1 test. The tests and lesson quizzes have been written to encourage the completion of offline activities so skipping case study exercises is not a good idea.

What You Get With Your Black Belt Certification

Upon completion (within 30 days) of our online training program you will receive the following:

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate
    • Physical certificate will be mailed to your address on file
    • Electronic pdf certificate will be sent to your email address
  • 9 Continuing Education Units or 90 Professional Development Units
  • Certification Listing In Six Sigma Digest's Certification Directory

Our Six Sigma Black Belt training is delivered through our online learning management system. When you purchase your course from us you will receive license keys for any software you might have chosen and course keys for the specific course and instructor option selected when you made your purchase. Once you have your course key (in the download section of your store account), you can register for your online training and use the course key to unlock your course - we make it easy!

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