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Six Sigma Training Enterprise Courseware

Six Sigma Training Material

$12,995 Enterprise Courseware Perpetual License

Six Sigma training material for the enterprise. This is a perpetual license governed by our Enterprise License agreement which gives your organization the ability to customize our courseware (excluding our copyright marks) for a one time license fee of $12,995.

With our standard Enterprise License your firm has print and user licenses limited only by the size of your organization. You can make all the changes you wish, print as many manuals or exams as you need.

This package is an exact replica of the White Label edition, it boasts Black Belt training as well as Green Belt & Yellow Belt. The entire curriculum closely follows the Industry standards designated by ASQ and Six Sigma Council for the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.

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A Six Sigma Training Program Right Out of The Box!

Just what you expect from one of the best providers of Six Sigma Training anywhere. From Yellow Belt to Black Belt training and everything in between, we give it to you without the hassle of silly print or user licenses.

Buy and download our Standard Enterprise courseware and start customizing it immediately. Need to add a few proprietary modules or delete some of ours, have at it. Just leave our copyright marks in the footer, all else is fair game (for more details see our Standard Enterprise License).

Choose from one of 3 variations of our training. We've prepared it with JMP, SigmaXL and Minitab so that it meets the needs of your organization. Here's what you should expect with your license:

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training covering the 5 Phases of DMAIC including 21 Lessons, 94 Modules and 100 questions with answers. Also included will be Green Belt and Yellow Belt courses each with their own set of lessons, modules and questions. To round out the package, you will also receive one data file with 35 data sets, two roadmaps (hypothesis testing and control charts) and a dozen tools & templates.

In addition to these awesome materials, we also offer a full year of edit & upgrade service. Any time we make edits, corrections, improvements, updates or module additions you'll get em! We want our material to be the best around so we expect to continue adding and adapting for many years.

Six Sigma Training Enterprise Courseware

Our Six Sigma Training Material Becomes Your Six Sigma Program

License our Enterprise Courseware and you can begin to make it yours as soon as you download it. You store account will contain all the necessary files you'll need to begin your new Six Sigma program. Within that account, we will also share any edits, updates, or new training modules that we develop (limited to 12 months, extended service contracts are available). It's simple and it's ready for your organization instantly!

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