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Your Six Sigma Trainer

An MBB Instructor Model Designed Just For You!

The following description of our online Six Sigma Trainer is intended to provide you information about our instructor model. Consider this page an outline of what you can expect of our instructors and therefore what we expect collectively from our team of Master Black Belt instructors.

Six Sigma Trainer Minimum Requirements

Six Sigma Digest offers Master Black Belt instruction as a part of our Black Belt and Green Belt online training & certification. You can expect top quality knowledge and expertise in the field of Six Sigma. At a minimum our instructors will be Master Black Belt trained & certified with at least 7 years of relevant work experience.

MBB Exposure

You can expect unprecedented exposure to Master Black Belts throughout your certification journey. By setting minimum standards and coordinating our MBB's time we can assure that you receive individual and group MBB engagement through weekly conference calls, virtual office hours, forums, email, skype, phone and chat sessions. Below is a summary of "how" and "how much" you get when it comes to our Six Sigma Trainer model.

Engagement Medium Hrs/Week Hrs/Month Total Hours

Group Instruction - Conf. Call (Topic Review & Q&A)




Available Virtual Office Hours (Your MBB)




Personal Phone Conversation with Your MBB




Email Your MBB

Online Chat with Your MBB, Peers & Other MBB's

Forums with Peers & Your MBB

File Sharing with Your MBB

Min. MBB Hrs Available to You! 7 29 116

Assumed average completion time for student certification is estimated to be 4 months. Weeks per month assumption is 4. The above table is not a guarantee of service levels. It is provided as an approximation to demonstrate what students should minimally expect under typical operating conditions. Deviations are likely to "increase" MBB coverage due to our operating model when we add additional contracted MBB instructors.

Compared to Traditional Training

Typical classroom training is facilitated by two Six Sigma Trainers over a period of two work weeks. The Six Sigma trainer is usually (but not always) a certified Master Black Belt. Assuming they are, that's an impressive 160 hours of exposure to MBB expertise. With our instructor model however you get an incredible 116 hours of diversified exposure from fully certified Master Black Belts. That's 75% of the exposure of a traditional classroom setting.

We don't proclaim to be better than classroom training, but we do however want you to consider the objective facts.. You will have more opportunity for peer interaction because our learning community is much larger than a standard classroom. You will have more available time with diversified perspectives from top notch Master Black Belts and you can manage your level of engagement as you see fit. All that from the comfort and convenience of a physical location and tempo that you choose. Now that's noteworthy considering that our training is a fraction of the cost of a traditional classroom course and we provide an industry standard certification designation. You won't get a mom & pop certification from Six Sigma Digest!

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